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About us

What is ISTAS?

ISTAS (Trade Union Institute of Work, Environment and Health) is a trade union technical foundation created and backed by CCOO (the largest Spanish trade union confederation) to promote activities for the improvement in working conditions, workers’ health and environmental protection.

The Reference Center for Work Organization and Health was founded in Barcelona in 2000. This department of ISTAS aims and promotes supporting technical and trade union intervention to achieve a healthier work organization.

In 2003 we adapted COPSOQ to the Spanish context, a tool for the assessment and prevention of psychosocial risk.

The Reference Center for Work Organization and Health’s team includes:

Rosa Andrés López
Clara Llorens Serrano
Salvador Moncada Lluís

What is CoPsoQ?

CoPsoQ is an International tool, for research, assessment and prevention of psychosocial risks. The original version was developed in 2000 by a group of researchers from the National Research Centre for the Working Environment in Copenhagen (Denmark).

The COPSOQ methodology (which COPSOQ-ISTAS21 and PSQ-CAT21-COPSOQ are part) has acquired an important international dimension, being one of the measuring instruments used in more psychosocial hazards risk assessments and research. Available in over 25 languages, can be found in more than 140 publications in scientific journals indexed in Medline (PubMed).

Currently, its development is managed cooperatively under the principles of action-oriented by COPSOQ International Network. This collaboration facilitates and ensures that its tools are updated and adapted to world of work changes and to scientific research advancements.

The following material is recommended for further information on its evolution and state of implementation:

Kristensen TS. A questionnaire is
more than a questionnaire

Scand J Public Health, 2010; 38 (Suppl3): 149-155

Nübling M, Burr H, Moncada S, Kristensen TS. COPSOQ International Network: Co-operation for research and assessment of psychosocial factors at work. Public Health Forum 2013

What is CoPsoQ-istas21?

It is the Spanish version of COPSOQ. The first version was made in 2003, 1.5 in 2010 and 2 in 2014.

It is a public and free access instrument with the only limit of the usage license acceptance. Its terms are based on its use for risk prevention to change working conditions, social agents participation along the risk prevention process, ensuring anonimity and confidentiality and no modification.

On this website you will find all information about CoPsoQ-ISTAS21: the middle version (to use companies of 25 or more workers ) and the short version (for self-evaluation or to use in companies with fewer than 25 workers / as).

The Generalitat de Catalunya recommends using CoPsoQ-ISTAS21 for the assessment and prevention of psychosocial risks and translated questionnaire and toolkit into Catalan. The method is called PSQCAT21 COPSOQ in Catalan (the versión 2 is still not ready, when it will be, it will appear to be available at this link).



The Reference Center for Work Organization and Health is located in the head office of CCOO in Catalonia in Barcelona.

Via Laietana, 16
08003 Barcelona

Check CCOO Cataluña for more details


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